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Get the Right Angle does what it says!

Photographing the exterior of properties has in the past often been a frustrating business. A little elevation was all that was needed to turn an ordinary shot into something quite spectacular.. Helicopters are expensive and invariably too high for the job, boom arms are very restricting, so our octocopter has proved the perfect solution. Sometimes, we only need to be as high as the trees to see just over the back of a building and suddenly it's planted in the landscape and the image becomes a million times better.

Filmwork has been a complete revelation with the ability to quickly and effectively show a property in its location and achieve an expansive 360 degree panoramic view.

So - to sum up - whatever the situation, we can get just the right angle for most properties out there. You also have the added re-assurance that the aerial work is by an insured and qualified pilot.

This spectacular garden in the Yorkshire Pennines above Hebden Bridge offered so many possibilities for both aerial and walking film footage. With the Wisteria in full bloom on the house and the Acers close-by at their very best, we concentrated on this area for a 180 degree aerial, as well as flying in across the main garden at the front. The beautiful sculptures dotted around the garden were better filmed with our 'movi' in handheld mode so that we could move precariously close to the trees and shrubbery!

As a wedding venue, Broughton Hall in the Yorkshire Dales is second to none. We were able to use our octocopter to fly across the fields at the front towards the impressive 16th century building, without disturbing the grazing sheep! The formal gardens and conservatory were perfect for aerial footage and the animated still photos of the happy couple mix seamlessly with the film sequences, showing just what can be done to produce an unforgettable and very different wedding package.

Holiday cottages are often found in fabulous locations which can be difficult to sum up from ground level. This one in the Lake District not only had hills in the distance, but the main attraction was the proximity of the river running through the garden. We were able to hover our octocopter directly over the river and gradually pull up until the elevation revealed the hills behind. Animated interior shots are combined with handheld 'movi' sequences in the garden alongside the river and we were able to move from inside the house outside over the balcony terrace towards the river all in one shot.